Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Big Dig 2012

During August 2012 a series of 1 m square test pits were dug over the site of an old building on the Park. The Friends were ably assisted in this task by local archaeologists Caroline Baigent and Wally Wright.

Over the two days we dug up a lot of building materials, pottery and bone.

On the afternoon of the second day we uncovered a cobbled courtyard and a brick set floor.
There appears to have been a thick layer of gravel laid over the area probably to help with the drainage.
Currently, we do not know the use for the yard and floor. The Tithe Map gives the area as "cattle sheds".
It is possible that the small building may be a milking shed. Hopefully, they excavation to be carried out in 2013 will help further with the explanation.

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