Thursday, 19 March 2015

Work Party Thursday 19th March.

Some time ago a Victorian kissing gate was removed from the footpath, during path improvements, where it crosses Pishiobury Drive. Because this gate was of historical significance, once being part of the long run of estate fencing which went from the main road right down the Park to the Ha-Ha wall near to the House, then it was thought worthwhile of preservation. The ironwork was in a derelict condition and unfortunately the cast-iron post was broken when it was removed without care from the ground where it had been for over 100 years. We have done our best to resurrect and renovate the kissing gate in the Activity Area. Because it is not in a safe condition it has been immobilised so that it can been seen but not used. We shall need another session to hang the gate because we are not yet confident that the post is strong enough to hold it.

Work Party February 19th 2015.

This task was to remove Bramble covering the pile of logs which is home to a colony of Common Lizards. By removing the Bramble the lizards then have a sun basking area in this sheltered spot.


Work Party January 15th 2015.

The task today was to remove Reed Mace encroaching on the spring pond. It is important that this is removed on a regular basis as otherwise it will totally colonise the spring basin to the exclusion of everything else.

Work Party December 18th 2014.

The task was to cut down and make safe a large branch which had partly fallen off a Wild Cherry tree in the South part of the Park. The limb was roped up and then cut down using a saw on a pole. The logs were then put to good use and the site left clean!