Friday, 18 March 2011

Events coming up!

Practical tasks.
Tuesday 5th April.
Tuesday 10th May.
Tuesday 7th June.
Join us to install new benches and help with habitat management around the park. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.  Meet 10 a.m. at the main car park. Be prepared for all weather, wear gardening type clothes and sturdy shoes or boots.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided. Contact CMS on 014682 459395 if you would like more information.

Walks and wildlife events run by the Friends, Spring/Summer 2011.
Thursday 14th April. 10a.m-12noon.
Wonderful Worms.  They are 25 species of earthworms in the UK.  Come to Pishiobury to meet the local worm  residents, find out what species are living under your feet and how to tell them apart.

Sunday 8th May.  2pm.
Friends of Pishiobury Spring Walk.
Join the Friends for a 2 ½ mile walk around the historic parkland.

Saturday and Sunday 25th and 26th June.
The term BioBlitz it is used to describe an intensive series of surveys used to find out as much as possible about what lives in a habitat in a short time.  This is a fantastic opportunity to see small mammals and insects close up.  Our BioBlitz is planned to run from noon on Saturday 25th of June to noon on Sunday 26 June. Our Base Camp will be in the picnic area by the main car park, please come and help! These events will be very suitable for families.  Saturday-Mini beast hunt, Wildflower survey, setting small mammal live traps.
Sunday-Dawn Chorus Walk, checking small mammal traps, pond dipping.

Sunday 28th August. 2pm.
Friends of Pishiobury Park summer walk.
Join the Friends for a 2 ½ mile walk around the historic parkland.
For all the above events meet at the stated start time at Pishiobury Park main car park area off A1184. For information on all these events, tasks or general Friends of Pishiobury Park enquiries please contact Paul Milton-Secretary Friends of Pishiobury Park on 01279 724466 or