Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ancient Hornbeam.

During February 2012 and ancient Hornbeam in the north-west corner of the park was felled because it was felt it was a safety hazard. This was very unfortunate as it was probably one of the oldest trees on the Park. The tree had been coppiced and as such probably predated the existence of the Park, the tree would have been taken into the Park when it was formed which means that it was growing in these 1700s. The tree had three main stems and was very large.

Because the tree had been brutally felled without knowledge of its historic importance, East Herts agreed to construct a barrier around it to prevent damage by browsing animals and to give it every chance, however slight of recovery.

Mercifully, and against all the odds, there happened to be some small shoots on the north side of the stump. Friends have added some chicken wire to prevent rabbits gaining access and to date these small shoots are growing well so we shall keep our fingers crossed.

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