Thursday, 19 September 2013

Managing the spring area.

From now on there will be a small Friends work party on the third Thursday in the month unless otherwise advised. Today’s task was to make a start on the management of the spring area in the south part of the Park. Friends have been given responsibility to manage and improve this small area and the task today was to make a start on the autumn conservation cut to remove the overburden of summer vegetation. If this is not done there will be an accumulation of  a dense mat of material which will prevent the germination of small seeds and more interesting plants. It will also control the growth of shrubs which will change the nature of the area away from that which is desired. The aim is to admit air and sunlight to promote a good variety of wildlife. The material was cut using a hand scythe and raked off and piled to make a composting heap for reptiles such as Grass Snakes.


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